Last Updated 5/4/2023 @ 5:00pm

With the first full weekend behind us, we have seen some rain, BUT it is looking good for the next several days!

These days of RAIN make for some WET conditions in the park. PLEASE STAY OFF THE GRASSY AREAS!

Here is the latest and greatest opening update:

  • General:
    • We HAVE begun to clean up around the park – please be patient.
    • If you feel that someone or their personal property are in immediate danger please call:
      • David Bechard at 518-534-0230 OR Tim Mitchell at 518-726-0926
    • If there is NO immediate danger, simply send a text to 518-563-1983 or e-mail to campground@momot.com
  • Roads
    • ALL ROADS ARE OPEN – However, PLEASE stay ON the main roads and driveways as there ARE SEVERAL soggy areas.
    • DO NOT drive on ANY grassy areas – even with golf carts.
  • Water
    • Water is ON throughout the park.
    • If you spot any major leaks, please report these to the office.
  • Office
    • The Office is now OPEN every day from 10am to 5pm – except Wednesdays we are closed.
  • Bath Houses
    • The following Bathhouses are OPEN FOR USE:
      • Block Bathhouse
      • South Bathhouse
    • The following Bathhouses remain CLOSED
      • Island Bathhouse
      • North Bathhouse (by the pool)
  • Laundry Room
    • The Laundry Room is OPEN.
  • Site Payments
    • Accounts should be paid to 75% as the third payment was due April 15th, with the remaining payment due on May 15th.
    • To make a payment:
      • Via Phone with a Credit Card:
        • Call the Plattsburgh Office at 518-563-1983
        • Call the Blue Haven Office at 518-594-3873
      • In Person
        • Stop by the Blue Haven Office.
        • Stop by our 240 Tom Miller Road office.
      • Mail us a check at 240 Tom Miller Road, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
  • Spring Newsletter
    • A hard copy has been mailed to each contracted guest at Blue Haven
    • A PDF copy is now available online by CLICKING HERE!
    • Also, our Newsletter Archive has our newsletters available from previous years.
  • Service Requests
    • If you need of some service on your camper, you can receive assistance from us by:
      • Stop by or call the Blue Haven Office.
      • Stop by or call the Plattsburgh Office.
      • Send us an e-mail at campground@momot.com
      • Fill out a Contact Us form on our website.
  • General Opening
    • Keep an eye on this blog post as ALL updates will originate from THIS post.
    • We will prioritize our opening efforts as follows:
      • Handle any Health and Safety related issues.
      • Address the non-critical issues with facilities.
      • Address individual sites.
      • Any improvements that will benefit your stay.
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