Camping With Your Pets

For most of us our pets are considered part of the family, so when you have a weekend camping trip planned for outside the Plattsburgh NY area you don’t have to leave them behind. Here are some tips for traveling to the campground with your pet.  These tips are largely centered around dogs, but will apply to other pets as well.

Camping With Your Pets

Vet Visit

You will want to make sure your pets vaccinations are all up to date, and have a record handy to show prior to or when you arrive at the campground

Dog at the Vet


Many of the National Parks restrict or forbid pets on many of the trails in National Parks.  Plan out your destination and itinerary around these restrictions.  Use resources such as pet friendly travel websites or books.

Book Road trip with Dog


Don’t travel with the pet in the camper, it is best your pet rides with the family in the tow vehicle.  Some pets will do better in crate while in transit.  Make sure the pet stays calm and under control while traveling, otherwise it could be a distraction to the driver.  Take plenty of breaks to allow for drinks, stretching and bathroom breaks.

Puppy in crate


Most campgrounds require your pet on a leash or contained in some way.  Check out Blue Haven Campground rules regarding pets as a guide.  Be considerate to other campers and try to contain the barking, and always pick up waste immediately.  Be heat conscious, make sure your pet has a shaded area, A/C, or ventilation so they will not over heat. 

Dog at Campsite

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