Crossing into Canada with your RV:

Well in advance of your trip, we strongly recommend that you visit the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) website at  As these guidelines / mandates change often, it is your responsibility to verify the requirements before you travel into Canada.   

The following information is intended to get you thinking in the right direction prior to your trip:

What documents are required?
Every passenger in your group will need to provide proof of citizenship in the form of a valid passport, valid driver’s license, a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization, a U.S. Permanent Resident Card or a certificate of Indian Status along with a photo identification.  
Be sure to have the registration and proof of insurance for both your tow vehicle and your RV.  It is a good idea to know your license plate numbers in case you are asked.  
Expect to be asked where you are going.  If you have reservations at a camp ground or national park, have a printed copy of your reservation confirmation readily available.  
If you are bringing your pet, be sure to have a current valid rabies vaccination certificate that includes the owner’s name and address, date and type of vaccination issued and the date the vaccination expires. 

What can I bring across the border?
Personal items such as clothing, cameras, computers/electronics, bicycles, etc are all okay.  
Prescription and OTC (over the counter) medications need to be in their original packaging with the label fully intact.  
At the present time, pet food and treats are allowed but they must be in their original, unopened packaging.  The amount of food should be verified prior to travel.  
There are limits to the amount of alcohol and tobacco products you can bring across the border at any given time.  Be sure to check the details on the CBSA website.   

Here’s is a quick snap shot of what not to bring across the border:
Since food, plants, and animals have the potential to carry disease, be sure to check the CBSA website for specifics.  There may additional restrictions in place when you travel and you certainly don’t want to be delayed at the border and have to throw away your food before continuing on.  
Explosives, fireworks and ammunition require permits and additional documentation.  This is certainly an area to verify on the CBSA website well before your planned date of travel.  
Firearms and weapons need to be declared at the port of entry.  Additional paperwork may be required such as proof of ownership.  

Plattsburgh RV Store understands that many of our customers go RVing into Canada.  The information contained in this blog is intended to get you thinking in the right direction well in advance of your trip so you can verify what you need to comfortably cross into Canada.  

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