Fiberglass Maintenance: How to keep that new camper shine!

Now that you have purchased your new fiberglass camper, let’s look into the importance of proper care and maintenance of its exterior.  
Gel coat is a synthetic resin-based product that gives your RV its brilliant shine.  It is approximately 1/32” thick and is bonded to the fiberglass exterior.  Proper maintenance is a critical step in extending the life of your camper and protecting your investment.  

It is commonly recommended that you wash your camper after every trip.  Cleaning the road grime and dirt off your camper right away helps eliminate stains especially from black streaks and bugs.  Regular washing also provides you the opportunity to inspect the exterior for any possible damage that may have occurred.  Hand washing your camper with a soft brush is best to avoid scratching the gel coat or damaging the graphics.  It may be tempting to swing into a truck washing station on the way home to give your camper a quick wash – after all, they are conveniently set up for larger vehicles –  but don’t fall into this trap.  The high water pressure at these centers may damage your camper graphics, or even the sidewalls.

Keeping a good coat of wax on your fiberglass camper is the best way to keep that new camper shine.  There are several factors to consider when determining how often to wax your camper.  Where you store your camper directly relates to how often it should be waxed.  Is it stored inside or underneath a structure away from the elements?  Or do you store your camper outside where it is exposed to direct sunlight?  It is recommended that your camper be waxed at least twice per year.  However, if you travel to the south or out west where your exposure to direct sunlight increases, then you should consider waxing your camper more often.  

There are a variety of products available through our online store.  It is recommended to use wax based products with UV Blockers to extend the life of the fiberglass. Our service specialists are available to answer any questions and make appropriate recommendations for proper maintenance.  Plattsburgh RV Store is invested in the success of your camping experience from start to finish.  

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