Get Energized with Solar

Campers are equipped with a variety of solar options, making your RV as versatile as possible. But what type of solar system is best for you?  Before you can decide, let’s first grasp the basics of solar. Think of your battery as the gas tank for your camper, the solar panels as the gas station collecting energy from the sun.  The solar panels maintain a charge to your battery by taking the energy from the sun, sending it through a charge controller (which prevents your battery from being overcharged) and then to your battery for storage.  The energy from the sun is DC power so things that are 12V like your lights, slides, USB charging ports and vent fans are operable even when you don’t have shoreline power. Many campers are now coming prepared for an inverter, which can take your solar game to the next level.  An inverter takes the power from your battery and inverts it to AC power, allowing for the operation of many other electrical functions in your camper (wall outlets, TV, etc). 

Determining the type of camping you intend to do and where you plan to camp will help you understand what role solar power will play in your camping experience. Reach out to us here at Plattsburgh RV Store and talk to one of our camping specialists, or stop in to our showroom and check out what exciting new solar packages our campers are coming with for 2023!

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