Keeping Cool This Camping Season?

RV Air Conditioner Maintenance Must Do’s



When we think of camper or RV maintenance what comes to mind is cleaning awnings, checking your roof and seals, the batteries, tanks, and so on. However, your air conditioning is just as important. You really should check on its functionality annually and make sure it works efficiently. Once it goes in winter storage, it’s good to check on it before and after your departure for camping season.

First, you should get on top of your camper to inspect it up close. Grab a ladder and get on the roof for the inspection. Note anything that seems to be off such as, cracks or splits. This cover is very important and it keeps rain and snow from getting into the inside of the air conditioner. If this gets wet, it can shorten its lifespan. Don’t worry if the plastic cover is damaged, it’s okay and it can be replaced. If you need a replacement we can get you yours for a great price! We can also schedule an appointment with you so we can replace it. That way you have a high-quality service experience and it won’t need to be replaced again for a long time.

Second, you should really look for any kind of leaks or other water intrusion’s in the air conditioner. While you’re on the roof, check to see if the A/C is mounted correctly and if it is tightly secure. You DO NOT want a leak in your camper! if this goes untreated, you could be faced with having to repair your camper’s flooring or other expensive repairs.

Third, check the condition of the cooling fins. You want to make sure they are not bent because this can restrict air flow! Also, make sure you take mental note of how many air conditioners are being used and what kind of electrical circuit. If you’re using a 15-amp reducer plug, this will give you a low voltage condition (i.e. brownout). Some larger campers will have two conditioners powered by a 30-amp. Make sure only one is in use. Have one A/C cycle on and when it stops the other one may start.

Lastly, check the A/C unit on the inside. Make sure you keep it clean throughout the years you have it. Remember to check in with us if you have any questions about your A/C or any other parts or appliances. We’re here to help and educate you when you request it. At Momot Trailer Sales, we’re always behind you!

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