Liberty Outdoors Little Guy Teardrop Trailer Review: 3 Benefits to Compact Camping

The Liberty Outdoors Little Guy teardrop trailers for sale from Momot Trailer Sales offer an easy-to-tow solution for your family of three this season. These compact teardrop trailers feature full amenities and lightweight builds so you can get the most out of your camping adventures. Don’t miss this Liberty Outdoors Little Guy teardrop trailer review where we’ll show you all the highlights of these outstanding trailers.

Liberty Outdoors Main
Find out more about this Liberty Outdoors Little Guy Max teardrop trailer!

Queen Bed

Don’t let its size fool you!  This teardrop trailer packs in all the features you need for a luxurious weekend away!  You’ll love the spacious queen bed in the rear of the trailer.  There’s even storage cabinets for your things and a mounted TV, so you can kick back and catch your favorite show at the end of the day.

Liberty Outdoors Bed
Enjoy your favorite shows while relaxing in your queen bed after a long day.

Wet Bath

There’s no need to find a space close to the bathhouse when you have a wet bath available right in your trailer.  Unlike most teardrop trailers, this Little Guy Max has a wet bath with shower and toilet so that you never have to hike to the bathhouse again.  The bath even features a full-length mirror, so if you’re going out for the night you’ll can make sure you’re looking great.

Liberty Outdoors Bath
Wake up to a hot shower every morning and start your day off right.


Another incredible feature of the Liberty Outdoors Little Guy is the kitchen!  Instead of the standard outdoor kitchen found in most teardrop trailers, the Little Guy Max offers an indoor kitchenette with a stove, fridge, sink, and pantry!  Now, you can prep and cook all your favorite campsite meals without worrying about the rain!

Liberty Outdoors Kitchen
The cabinets provide all the storage you’ll need!

Now’s your chance to get a great deal on any of the Liberty Outdoors Little Guy teardrop trailers from Momot. Don’t let this camping season pass you by without making the most of your vacation. Contact us today and take home the ideal RV for your vacation.

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