Maintaining Your Camper

  1. How do your roof seals and seams look?
    • Every few months you should be checking the condition of your camper’s roof. If this is put off and there has been damage to it, this is where the trouble starts. You don’t want to get any water damage! We sealants you can choose from at our Parts & Service location or you can order it through our online parts store.
  2. Have you checked the tires?
    • I know it may not be an RV but tires are still very important. Check them to make sure the nuts aren’t loose and the tire pressure is okay.
  3. Battery check!
    • When was the last time you replaced your batter? They don’t last forever (unfortunately). If you think your battery may need replacing or aren’t too sure, get a hold of our service department and they’ll help!
  4. Maintain your camper slide outs and seals!
    • We have some great service slide out specials right now! Check out our Inspection Special:Spring Slide Outs Inspection
  5. How are the awnings?
    • You don’t want mold or mildew to buildup in your awning so make sure that these stay clean! Try to inspect them regularly. When you do this, any small tear or issues you notice earlier on, the better.
  6. How is your electrical connection? Appliances?
    • Does everything run smoothly? Is your camper connecting to your tow vehicle okay? How about your appliances in your camper? If you need help testing these connections out, need an issue fixed, or maybe need to replace an appliance all together please contact our service department. They will always be behind you and ready to help.

Our service team is staffed with highly trained Technicians dedicated to making sure your camper stays in great working order for years to come. Here at Momot Trailer Sales, we know that getting out on the road and enjoying our great country is your priority, and we will help keep you traveling in comfort and style.

Please contact them if you have any questions or need help at 518-563-1983 or stop on by at 240 Tom Miller Road in Plattsburgh, New York! You can always send us a service request through our website as well!

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