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NYSDEC Calls Attention To All Hikers, Skiers, Snowshoers & Snowmobilers!

Source: NYSDEC

We understand that the wintertime can be filled with amazing activities and adventurers outside of winter camping. It’s important to be safe and plan ahead before you take on such adventures and activities to ensure your time will be fun and memorable! We receive updates from NYSDEC and thought it would be a good idea to share them with you! Be sure to stay up to date with them too by checking out their website!

Hikers, Skiers & Snowshoers

  • General Information:
  • Trail Conditions:
    • Damage from recent significant rain and snow melt event:
      • Be aware that blowdown, washouts, and other hazards may be hidden under snow.
      • Foot bridges and other infrastructure may be damaged or washed away.
      • Be cautious, especially in remote, lesser traveled locations.
    • Trailheads and trails will be covered in snow.
    • Breaking trails through fresh snow uses more energy and takes more time. Plan accordingly.
  • Mountain Summits:
  • Wear Proper Footwear: Wear Snowshoes
    • Wear insulated waterproof boots with warm, wool socks to keep feet dry.
    • Trail crampons (foot traction devices) should be carried on all hikes and used when warranted.
    • The use of snowshoes is required in the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness and recommended wherever snow depths exceed 8 inches. Using snowshoes:
      • Eases travel on snow
      • Prevents “post holing” which can ruin trails
      • Reduces injuries from trips and falls
  • Water Crossings:
    • Use caution at crossings and on trails along fast flowing brooks and rivers.
      • Rocks and other surfaces may be covered with ice from splashing water.
      • Wear crampons and use steel or carbide pointed hiking sticks.
  • Designated Snowmobile Trails: Watch and listen for snowmobiles when traveling on designated snowmobile trails. Move to the side of the trail and allow snowmobiles to safely pass.


  • General Information: Snowmobiling
  • Trails:
    • Trail conditions are fair to good throughout most of the Adirondacks.
    • Franklin Snowmobilers report
      • C7 (NY Central railbed) is open between Lake Clear Junction and Owl’s Head
      • C7B (D&H railbed) is open between State Route 86 and the S83 Trail
      • C8A is open between the C7 and Dannemora
      • S83 is open from the C7 to the Goldsmith Road Parking Area.
      • A section of the S83 is closed north of the Goldsmith Road this winter due to logging activity.
    • DOT contractors are completing maintenance work on the rail bed between Lake Clear and Lake Placid including Lake Colby Causeway and other problem areas.
    • View the New York State Snowmobile Association Interactive Trail Map or check with local snowmobile clubs and tourism offices to determine status and condition of trails.
  • Safety:
    • Watch for skiers and snowshoers using snowmobile trails – slow down to safely pass.

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