PRVN: Emergency Service Program

We Are Proud to be a Priority RV Network Dealer!


“The Priority RV Network (PRVN) provides Superior Value, Nationwide Service from the Best RV Dealers in the World. We have 126 locations throughout the USA! And, with our emergency service partnership with 72 RV Care dealerships in Canada, we have the largest emergency service network of dealerships in North America.” ~ PRVN

The emergency Service program that they have is amazing! When you purchase a camper from us, or any PRVN dealer, you will receive a great benefit! The ownership of a PRVN Key Tag. With this key tag, if you experience any service issue (safety or functionality) with your camper when you’re traveling more than 100 miles from your home, you can receive Priority RV Network Emergency Service at any of their nationwide network of dealers. There are some things that need to be met (this information Key Taghas been gathered from PRVN’s official website):

  1. If you experience a safety or functionality problem with your RV when you are traveling more than 100 miles from your home, you can receive Priority RV Network Emergency Service at any of our nationwide network of dealers.
  2. This program includes repair for safety and functionality problems only. Minor convenience repairs are not included.
  3. Call your selling dealer and tell them about the problem. Your dealer will determine if the repair could wait until you return home or needs to be repaired at one of our Priority RV Network locations. If immediate repairs are needed, your selling dealer will connect you with the nearest Priority RV Network dealer.
    • If you are unable to contact your selling dealer, visit this website and access the map showing the locations and contact information for our network of dealers. Find the dealer closest to you. Call the servicing dealer and explain that you are a Priority RV Network customer, state your safety or functionality problem, and give them the name of your selling dealer.
  4. The servicing dealer will discuss any costs for repairs with you, and schedule the day and time for your repair.
  5. If traveling in Canada: The 72+ RV Care Network dealers are members can provide you with emergency service well. Just call your selling dealer and they will connect you with the RV Care Network dealer nearest to you.

We can tell you more about PRVN, how we’re involved, and the programs that you can be part of if your purchase your camper at Momot Trailer Sales! If you have any questions or would like more information, please give us a call or text at 518-563-1983. You can also stop by out Parts & Service location at 240 Tom Miller Road or our Indoor Showroom at 60 Trade Road in Plattsburgh, New York.

If you’re traveling and stuck, give us a shout! We’re with PRVN and will always be behind you. Check out their app as well so you can find  a dealer quickly in the palm of your hand!

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