Rodents and RVs – tips for deterrence!

These pesky creatures can be the cause of many costly headaches in your RV, so it’s critical to spend some time and energy rodent proofing your camper.  Rodents are animals whose incisors are continually growing, so you guessed it…..They chew constantly!  

Although it is most important to rodent proof your RV before you store it for the winter and also when it’s not used for a few weeks, don’t discount the possibility that you could pick up an unwanted guest or two during a camping trip and bring them home.  

Below are a few rodent proofing suggestions:
Mice can crawl through a hole the size of a nickel so check the undercarriage of your RV for small openings.  Plug any that you find right away.  Depending on the size & location of the opening, spray foam or steel wool are great options.  

Examine the surroundings of where you store your RV.  Mice can crawl up trees with ease.  The use sheet metal rings around the tree base creates a smooth surface making it nearly impossible for them to get any traction for climbing. It is possible that mice can access your camper from certain vents if they can successfully get up there.     
Although mice are nocturnal by nature, they are prey for other animals, and therefore don’t want to be seen.  Keeping them away from your RV could be as simple as keeping your RV in the spot light with a few flood lights at night. 
Ultrasonic sound devices emit a high pitch noise that irritates rodents’ ears and drives them away.  However, if you have pets this may not be the best option, as this pitch has the same effect on dogs and cats.  
Mice also have a strong sense of smell and keep away from certain scents – this is a very effective method of deterrence.

Here is a list of deterrents some of our customers have had success using:  mint, cayenne pepper, mothballs, peppermint, cinnamon, vinegar, dryer sheets, Irish spring soap and peppermint tea bags.  These items are pet and kid friendly so you can place them all around your camper before winterizing it, and even in select places when using your camper.  

Botanical Rodent Repellent can be purchased from Plattsburgh RV Store.  This is a natural, plant based product we recommend.  If you have any questions, our parts and service specialists can assist you.  Please share any tricks or home remedies with us you have found to be successful!

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