Urgent Electrical Request


We are expecting some HOT and HUMID weather!

PLEASE run your water heater on propane.

PLEASE run your refrigerator on propane.


Our guidelines state that our electrical system is designed to supply basic electrical usage only. We DO NOT GUARANTEE that every site will be able to run air conditioning. Please help us out so we can all have an enjoyable weekend.

See Dave or Tim in the office with any questions.

Here is an interesting article I found I reference to this:


Take a look at the chart below to add up the amperage requirements for these RV Appliances that are in almost every camper. It is surprising how fast the AMPS add up which causes breakers to trip. Knowing the AMPS of all the electrical appliances in your camper can help you manage electrical use and help prevent the inconveniences of “MY ELECTRICITY WENT OUT”.

  • Air Conditioner (15,000BTU) 16AMPS
  • Electric Water Heater 5AMPS
  • Microwave 8AMPS
  • Coffee Pot 9AMPS
  • Toaster 10AMPS
  • Hair Dryer 10AMPS
  • RV Refrigerator on electric 5-8AMPS
  • 12V Converter 5AMPS
  • TV 2AMPS

You can easily see that in the morning if you start your Air Conditioner, with the water heater and refrigerator both on electric, then start your coffee pot, make some toast, and watch TV, you are pulling as much as 57.5AMPS when all are working at maximum capacity. Then, if someone needs to fix their hair with a hair dryer, LOOK OUT!

To compound the problem, each and every time a breaker trips, it weakens the Amperage protection initially rated for. In other words, if a breaker was originally rated for 30A, it might drop an Amp or two each time leading to extra unnecessary work to replace your equipment.

Have any questions about this? Please call or text us at (518) 563-1983

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