Winterize Your Camper!


It’s that time of the year! Campgrounds are closing up around this time in the Adirondack region, it’s getting colder and you’re about ready to pack things up and head back home. Whether you want to winterize your camper on your own or you’re looking to get it done by a dealer, we can help prepare you! Hurry in before it’s too cold!

First thing’s first, why do we keep mentioning a winterization for your camper? It’s vital for keeping your camper in pristine condition for years to come! Plus, if you’re looking to store your camper somewhere, a lot of places (like us) require them to be winterized. When you winterize your camper, you’re getting it prepped and ready for the colder months. This prevents anything from freezing and prevents damages occuring to your camper.

There are some things you should get if you want to tackle winterizing your camper yourself:

  • You want a nontoxic camper antifreeze – The amount to use all depends on the layout and length of your camper. You may need up to a few gallons.
  • A water heater bypass kit – Check to see if one was already installed on the water heater first.
  • A water pump converter kit OR tubing to connect to the inlet side of the water pump
  • Hand tools – to remove and install drain plugs

We have everything you need to winterize your camper in-store for you today! Check out our online parts catalog for more information or see our online parts store if you’d like to order anything. We now carry the kits and antifreeze that you need at our Indoor Showroom as well! So, whichever location you go to, our team will be ready to serve you!

If you are interested in having your camper winterized by our service team, reach out to us today! You can schedule an appointment and a member of our team will be in touch with you! You can also give us a call/text at (518)-563-1983 or you can stop in at 240 Tom Miller Road in Plattsburgh, NY. We have the equipment and experience to get your camper in prime shape, and that means more road time for you. Give us a call and we’ll get you in and out of the shop in an efficient and timely manner, so you can get back to experiencing the freedom that the camping lifestyle provides.

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