Eco-Friendly Camping

Enjoying nature is the best part of any camping trip, and knowing how to appreciate your surroundings in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way benefits us all. There are various ways to put this into practice, and choosing even a few to prioritize can have a huge impact on our footprint at the campsite. Here are a few practical ways to limit your effect on the campsite this summer: 

  • Pack with the environment in mind, if you pack sustainably you will camp more sustainably. Bring reusable containers for storing leftovers to ensure no food goes to waste. Reusable cooking utensils and reusable or recyclable dishes cut down on the amount of trash generated. And, do not bring firewood from home, it is strictly prohibited in NYS to transport firewood more than 50 miles from its origin to prevent the spread of invasive species.
  • Be aware of your waste. If you have trash, recycle what you can. Burning your garbage or recycling is not only against DEC regulations, but it can be extremely dangerous if you burn something flammable or toxic. If you have sewage or wastewater, use a dump site. Dumping your sewage or gray water on the ground is strictly prohibited across all State Campgrounds. 
  • Tear down your campsite properly. Walk your campsite to ensure you are leaving nothing behind, like trash or personal belongings. Do not intentionally leave or bury any trash you do not want to dispose of properly, as you will pass multiple disposal stations on your way out of the campground. If you have packed sustainably, and kept on top of your waste, then tearing down your campsite should be much easier. 

With these tips and tricks in mind, you should be well equipped to not only have a great time at the campsite this summer, but to keep it clean and well maintained. Good campsite etiquette can be the difference between having a positive impact on the environment or a negative one. Camping is all about enjoying nature, and putting these tips into practice will give us all a healthier environment to appreciate. 

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