RV Maintenance “must haves” for your next camping trip!

Whether you’re traveling close to home for a quick weekend trip in the Adirondacks, or taking your camper on a cross-country tour, there are a few important emergency maintenance & safety items that we recommend considering bringing along with you. 

Maintenance & Repair:

  • drill & various bits
  • spare fuses
  • spare lightbulbs
  • bottle jack
  • tire puncture repair kit
  • tire pressure gauge 
  • air compressor
  • electrical tape
  • sealant 
  • battery terminal cleaner
  • multitool 
  • utility knife
  • socket set 
  • adjustable wrenches


  • flashlight or headlamp
  • high visibility cone or reflector
  • road flare
  • fully stocked first aid kit
  • fire extinguisher
  • wheel chocks
  • tow straps
  • traction boards
  • jumper cables

Having a kit for safety as well as a maintenance kit packed can give you valuable piece of mind on your next camping trip. Staying prepared for common maintenance scenarios and other safety items will help make your camping season a good one!

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