Water Heater Tips

Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Be sure to look through your owners manual to know what water heater you’ll be working with. If you don’t feel comfortable doing any maintenance on your own, give us a call or text at (518)-563-1983 and we can schedule you a service appointment. Any questions or concerns that you may have about it, our service technicians and service advisers can help you!

Before you begin inspecting your water heater, you will want to turn off the water supply, make sure the pump is off and both hot and cold faucets are turned off in your camper. After this, really inspect your camper for any damages, insect intrusions or anything out of the ordinary. You should do this a couple times a year. You should have this inspected once it comes out of storage and before you leave for your camping trip as well as having it inspected before storing it back up after the camping season.

When you have the latch open to see the water heater the first thing you’ll want to do is remove the anode rod. If it looks very deteriorated then you will need to replace this rod. Once you take out your anode rod and the water drains out, you’ll want to place your finger in there and feel around for anything out of the ordinary. You’ll feel grainy substances, this is from the old rod. You may need a new water filter as well. After this, take a water hose with a pressure nozzle and rinse the tank for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Let the water flush everything out until you think it looks okay. Next, you can put the new anode rod in. Just be sure not to over tighten it. You can put the valve on the water heater to back open, the faucets closed up, and turn the water supply back on. Make sure to dry around the water heater so you can check for any leaks.

Like mentioned previously, do not do any maintenance if you’re unsure of the process or you’re not comfortable doing it. Please reach out to us so we can help you and make sure your camper is camping ready for the season! These maintenance tips were gathered from rvroadtrip.us from Jerry and Cynthia and are a great help for those wanting to learn more about their camper and the parts and appliances that come with it.


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