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The Envy of the Campground

Are you tired of packing and carrying around wheel chocks and extra blocks to the campground?  Are you envious of the family that pulls in with the big 5th Wheel, and levels their camper with the push of a button?  They are usually the family enjoying cold drinks, while you are still sweating and trying to get your camper leveled. 

All that is about to change! 

The changes some RV manufacturers are making to their fleets, are taking the industry by storm.  Most noticeable, are the addition of high-end features in Travel Trailers, which were once specific to 5th Wheels.  No longer, do you have to imagine your Travel Trailer, with the features and amenities, of a 5th Wheel Camper.  It’s now a reality, and Plattsburgh RV Store has them in stock!

One-Touch Auto Level:  Kodiak Ultimate and Laredo Travel Trailers are a big part of the inventory at Plattsburgh RV Store.  Both use Lippert Ground Control Auto Leveling Systems.  LCI’s system has the ability to be integrated into myRV® and One Control Systems®, and operated from your smart phone device.  Imagine leveling your camper, without having to touch it.

Hitch-Height Memory:  Travel Trailers with Lippert’s Ground Control System also have hitch-height memory.  Which means, when you’re ready to pack up and pull away, no adjustment to the tongue height is necessary.  Now, pulling away is just as convenient as setting up.

Solid Surface Countertops:  The clean, luxurious look of solid surface countertops is no longer explicit to high-end 5th Wheels.  The durable, easy-to-clean surface is sure to hold up to all of your family’s cooking and dining activities, for years to come.

Additional Ceiling Height:  When it comes to ceiling height, 5th Wheels, undoubtedly, hold the crown for head room.  However, travel trailer manufacturers are beginning to give them a run for their money.  For example, the 5” Crowned Roof of a Laredo Travel Trailer, provides the coach with a roomy vaulted ceiling.

Those who have been around the industry for a long time, agree on one thing:  We never thought we would see the day, when we would find 5th Wheel features in a travel trailer.  The changes not only provide luxury, but durability and convenience, as well.  We can be sure of two things:  If it’s convenient, it allows you to enjoy more of your camping trip; if its durable, it allows you to enjoy your camping trips longer.  It’s your turn to be the envy of the campground!