Black Water Tank Tips

Black Water Tank Tips!

Credit: Campanda Magazine

Don’t get scared. We get it! This tank is the one that usually makes camper owners jump a little. It is the one that holds waste water from the toilet. If your camper doesn’t have a gray tank, all dirty water will be dispensed here. When this tank isn’t properly maintained it can cause some problems. Read more of this guide to learn more about your black water tank and for some good tips!

First off, you should keep note of how often you should empty your tank. This can vary depending on a few factors. One, how many people are you traveling with? If you’re traveling with a lot of people, you should empty this tank every other day. If it is just you and your partner, perhaps once a week may be enough! Second, follow this rule of thumb: two-thirds full is a dump full. Wait until your tank is about two-thirds full before emptying it out, it’ll make the process more efficient and keep things consistent. Third, I know there are sensors that can let you know when it should be dumber BUT don’t always rely on this. After a few years, these sensors don’t always work 100% perfectly like they used to.

You’re about to dump your tank for the first time, what do you do? First things first, make sure you have all the necessary equipment to do so. You will need a sewer hose and some gloves to protect your hands. Trust us when we tell you that you do NOT want any of this spilling out and hitting your camper or even worse, you. Make sure you check your valves outside your camper and see which tank you need to hook your sewer hose up to. Hook it up to the valve and take the other end and secure this to the sewer you’re using. Make sure it’s on there tightly. When you dump this water, you have to be dumping this at designated dump stations. After all, this isn’t stuff that you’d want laying around anywhere for people to possibly run into. Stay safe, treat your areas with respect and make sure you’re hooking it up to a designated dump station. These are normally marked.

To empty the contents, pull the valve and let the tank drain. Close it up when you can no longer hear any liquid coming through the hose. MAKE SURE THE VALVE IS CLOSED. When it is shut, pull the tank valve. Again, close when done. For clean up, go VERY slowly when detaching the sewer hose. Use a bucket or tub to contain the hose when it is not in use. In general, make sure you regularly flush, clean and sanitize your tanks to keep the system up and running!

Some tips to keep in mind when you’re dealing with the black tank:

  • Use single-ply toilet paper (two-ply will clog more easily).
  • Flush your toilet regurally and add water to the toilet bowl before flushing.
  • Sanitize the tank after dumping
  • Clean the tank often by putting a garden hose down the toilet! This should help flush your system out and clear up any build ups.

If you have any questions about the black tank or any other parts of your camper, please give us a call or text at (518)-563-1983 and a team member will reach out to you. Our Service Department is located at 240 Tom Miller Road in Plattsburgh, New York. Our State-of-the-Art Service Department is staffed with highly trained Technicians dedicated to making sure your camper stays in great working order for years to come. Here at Momot Trailer Sales, we know that getting out on the road and enjoying our great country is your priority, and we will help keep you traveling in comfort and style.


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