Destination Camping

Whether you have camped in Plattsburgh, New York, or in sunny Florida, chances are if you’ve seen Destination Campers.  This term refers to leaving your camper at one campground for the season.   There could be a variety of reasons someone would choose to Destination Camp.  We … Continued

Cold Weather Camping

Cold Weather Camping

While most of us will not need ANY of the content provided below, there are some of our families that DO come visit Blue Haven during the off season. We hope that this collection of ideas can help you brave … Continued

Border Update


Last updated November 18, 2021 Border Opening Information for our Blue Haven Families: New Information added November 18th Promising news on the way! Several sources are reporting some pretty amazing news for our Canadian families! While there is still some … Continued

Blue Haven Campground – Halloween Weekend

Happy Halloween!! Blue Haven celebrated Halloween this past weekend and it was a huge success!  The community at Blue Haven did an amazing job getting involved while following guidelines from the health department.  The campers set up their tables, golf-carts, … Continued