Getting Your Camper Organized

Not enough space in your camper? Do you feel like things get cluttered too quickly or maybe you’d like to be able to move around in your own space more smoothly? There are plenty tips and tricks to follow to become more organized and to make your camper more homier.

Here are some ways you can organize your camper:

  1. To start, note what you have!
    • What can you get rid of?
    • Do you have two of one thing?
    • Purge out things you will not need.
    • Where will it go?
      • Bathroom
      • Kitchen
      • Bedroom
      • Entertainment
  2. Try a hanging closet
    • Hanging closets allow much more space to be utilized in a camper closet
    • You can store clothes, accessories, shoes, and so on.
  3. Chair or Bedside storage organizer
    • These are perfect for storing pens, papers, remotes, phones, books, magazines, and so on.
  4. Plastic Storage bins (of course)
    • Many times these can be stored at the end of your bed, under your dinette couches, etc.
    • Keep your stored items dirt free
    • Protects from water
  5. Use drawer organizers
    • Keep everything separated and more efficient
    • Kitchen drawers
    • Bathroom drawers
    • Utility drawers
  6. Bath organizer
    • You can normally find an organizer/caddy and hang it on the back of your door.
    • This will free up drawer space in cabinets for other items.
    • Use them for wash cloths, bath/shower appliances, hygiene products, etc.
  7. Shelf baskets
    • Shelf baskets can be nailed or clamped on to an already existing drawer in your camper.
    • This adds an entire extra shelf.
    • They must be added to hard surfaces (bedroom shelves, pantry, bathroom, etc).
  8. Vacuum bags
    • They really suck the space out of big blankets, pillows, jackets and more.
    • Good for seasonal clothes.
    • Store them almost anywhere!


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