How to do your laundry while camping?

Many campgrounds and state parks have laundry facilities, but they can be expensive because let’s face it, they have a captive audience.  In some cases, the machines are not well maintained so you may find your clothes do not come out as clean as you would like.  So here are a few tips to help get the best results:

*Bring along all the supplies needed from home:

            Spot pre-treatment stick or spray

            Environmentally friendly laundry soap

            Scrub brush

            Bins for washing and rinsing

            Clothes line and clothes pins

            Bring plenty of change if you plan to use the machines

*For families with kids, make doing laundry a game:

            Purchase googles for each child

            Bring along a large package of water balloons

            Fill the balloons with water and laundry soap – not too much though

            Have your kids put on their dirty clothes

            Let the water balloon washing fight begin

            Rinse each child thoroughly with water

            Hang the clothes to dry

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