KZ Escape Travel Trailer Review: 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Trip

Find your next great escape in one of the KZ Escape travel trailers for sale at Plattsburgh RV Store.  These compact, easy-to-tow travel trailers are ideal for couples, families, or individuals who love to get away. Learn more in this KZ Escape travel trailer review.

KZ Escape main
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Murphy Bed Design

The perfect way to make the most of your living space is by choosing a floorplan that eliminates the bedroom.  This allows you to enjoy a spacious living area and a cozy place to sleep with the Murphy bed design while making the trailer more lightweight.  The bed folds up to reveal a sofa during the day in this KZ Escape E171MB travel trailer at Plattsburgh RV Store. 

Additional Features:

  • Ample Storage
  • Full Bathroom
  • 11′ Electric Awning
KZ bed
Make the most of your space through the murphy bed and sofa in the living room.

Bunks for the Kids

If you need a simple way to make camping with your family possible, then this KZ Espace E191BHK travel trailer available at Plattsburgh RV Store is just what you need.  Inside, you’ll find a spacious kitchen, a large slide-out, and bunk beds in the rear for the kids.

Additional Features:

  • Slide Out Dinette
  • Front Queen Bed
  • Pass-Through Storage
  • Outside Griddle
  • Full Bath
KZ bunkhouse
Your kids will have plenty of space for themselves!

Large Rear Bath

If you’re tired of using the campground bathhouse, this KZ Escape E181RB travel trailer for sale features a large rear bathroom.  The placement makes it easy to access from outside and provides ample space for a spacious shower.  Additionally, the bathroom features a wardrobe for storing towels, clothing, and other bathroom necessities.

Additional Features:

  • Queen-Size Bed
  • Pass-Through Storage
  • Convection Microwave
KZ large shower
Getting a hot shower before bed is a luxury you’ll love.

Make your next vacation a relaxing retreat in one of the KZ Escape travel trailers from Plattsburgh RV Store. Contact us for more information today!

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