RV + K9 = <3

For some travelers, everything is better with your four-legged best friend by your side, including em-”bark”-ing (Do you get it? Do you get my joke about the sound dogs make?) on an RV adventure. But, as joyous as it is to share those experiences with your dog, there are definitely added precautions and boundaries to keep in mind. For the safety of our pups, for the respect of others, and for an enhanced adventure for everyone involved, here are a few tips for RVing with your furry friend! 

-Provide a comfortable space for your dog to enjoy 

Just like us humans, dogs yearn for all the comforts and familiarity of home. Adapting to a new space, especially the kind of space that moves on giant wheels, can be intimidating for some dogs to adjust to and understand, even if the trip is just a long weekend. In order to ensure their comfort, provide spaces and accessories that’ll make them feel right at home. This means bringing along their favorite dog bed and any blankets they might use. This is an easy step toward providing your canine companion a sense of safety and security. 

-Ensure accessibility to food and water

The same rules from home apply when on the road: make sure that you have ample food and water for your pup at all times, and that — especially the water — is easily accessible. When in motion, double check that these items are secured in place somewhere too, because the last thing you want is a bowl full of dog food spilling everywhere when you turn into the gas station (something that could easily be avoided with a few supplies from Plattsburgh RV Store). Dog treats are another good idea to bring along, but only in moderation, and especially as a reward for good-boy behavior.

-Plan Dog-Friendly Activities/Destinations

 An RV trip is best enjoyed by the whole family, and if that includes a four-legged family member, then you’ll want to make sure that they are being prioritized as well, and not constantly being left behind. While not every activity and destination needs to be dog-friendly, plan at least some that you can do with them. This could include dog-friendly hiking trails, breweries with dog-friendly patios, dog beaches, etc. By helping them feel more stimulated and involved in the trip, you can help your dog acclimate to these new environments! 

We love our dogs because they improve our quality of life. They provide us with a type of companionship that we cannot find elsewhere (even when we have to let them outside at 3:00am in the winter). So when we take our dogs with us on a camping trip, it’s imperative that we do the same for them – improve their quality of life so that they can have a good time too!

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