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When was the last time your camper had a service?

It’s important to schedule out inspections and maintenance repairs for your camper so it remains great working order for years to come. Do you remember the last time your awnings were inspected? Have you had a propane leak and pressure test? What about your RV appliance inspection? If you’re not sure what your camper may need or have any questions please know you can always reach out to us here at Momot Trailer Sales. We can assist you in making an appointment or you can fill out a service request right on our website!

One of our specials is the Spring Slide Out Inspection! It includes the following:
  • Slide out seal lubrication.
  • Slide out adjustment inspection.
  • Slide out moisture inspection.
  • Slide out box & roof inspection.
  • Maintenance report filled out by technician.
  • Technician will prepare quote to repair any areas needing attention.
  • Includes mechanism & seal lube.

                          “Only $135” per slide

 **$125 if done with NYSI, and $100 for each additional slide if done all together.**

Please feel free to send us a quick call or text at 518-563-1983 with any questions you may have.

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