Loading your RV Properly

Just like there’s a trick to packing your suit case for travel, there’s an art to packing your camper.  Taking the time to load your RV properly will ensure your camper tows true and thereby saves you wear and tear on your town vehicle and money on gas but most importantly, saves you the aggravation in having to re-pack your camper after everything’s fallen on the camper floor.   

Follow the 60 / 40 packing rule and you can’t go wrong.  Pack 60 % of the loaded weight in front of the trailer’s center axle with the remaining 40 % being placed behind the axles.  An easy way to gauge weight is to think about your last plane trip and how your suitcase was pushing the 50 pound limit.  This should help you determine how much weight you are putting in your camper. 

It’s best to load the heavy items at the front of the camper and towards the bottom.  The lighter items should be placed in the rear of the camper and could be placed up top.  Pack the items as tightly together and as securely as possible.  This will help to eliminate any shifting taking place while heading down the road.   It’s also good to secure your cabinet doors and kitchen drawers with bungee cords.  Remember to lock your fridge and freeze as well. 

When packing for a trip you can take your time to load your camper correctly.  Packing to head home is a different story.  Most times, it’s a throw and go situation.  It will save you time and energy in the long run to load up your belongings correctly before heading home.  Happy Camping!  

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