Tips for Camping with Limited Mobility


Research campgrounds that offer accessible facilities, such as wheelchair-friendly paths, accessible restrooms, and campsites with level ground. Look for campgrounds that provide accessible amenities like picnic areas, fire rings, and fishing platforms.


Prioritize setting up your campsite in a way that maximizes convenience and accessibility. Position your tent or RV in a location that is easy to access. If you’re in a wheelchair, make sure the campsite surface is firm and level, and consider using a portable ramp if needed. Another pro tip is to arrange your camping gear, cooking equipment, and supplies in a way that minimizes the need for excessive movement. Essentially, try not to bury all your supplies deep down in your car never to be seen again.


Pack essential mobility aids and assistive devices, such as crutches, walking sticks, or a lightweight wheelchair if necessary. Consider bringing camping gear designed for accessibility, such as adjustable camp chairs or cots that are easier to get in and out of. You can also find local groups that work with disabled adventurers. Just Google ‘adaptive’ camping gear or supplies in your city. There are many nonprofits that run free or low-cost activities, and they are changing often. In dead zones, periodically check local offerings, including programs run by municipal, county and state parks departments, and consider a trip further afield if one happens to catch your eye.


Choose camping activities that align with your mobility level. For instance, if hiking is challenging, opt for shorter trails or accessible nature walks. Or another example is a hike can be replaced with a low-impact activity like an adaptive kayak. Just make sure you wear safety belts and life vests when they are available.

Another way to enjoy connecting with nature from your campsite is by observing wildlife, stargazing, birdwatching, or simply relaxing with a hobby in a hammock or camping chair. Card games are always a win in our book.


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