Types of Towable Campers (RVs)

Towable Campers are also known as  Towable RVs. After deciding to get a camper, the next question is which type to choose.  We will describe the different types below.  For more information or to shop campers visit us at Plattsburgh RV Store. Proudly serving all the campers in and around the surrounding areas of Plattsburgh, NY and all of Vermont.

Truck Camper

Truck Campers

Truck  Campers are also referred to as slide ins, as they slide in the bed of the truck and are secured to the frame.  The truck camper is typically made for ½ ton trucks and larger.  They can come with slide-outs, canvas extensions for additional headroom, wet bath (toilet / shower combo).  Truck Campers are enjoyed by many in the Adirondacks, as the compactness makes off-roading a definite possibility.

Truck Camper Basic Figures

o   Overall Length: 14’ to over 20’

o   Weight: 1000 to over 3000 pounds

o   Sleeping Capacity: 1 to 6 people

Pop Up

Pop-up Campers

Pop-up campers are also known as fold-out campers.  Pop-ups are considered great starters for people new to the RVing because they are compact, lightweight and easily towed. They will have a cable system that will raise the roof either manually or automatically, the beds will pull out and the canvas provides protection from the outside weather.  Pop-up campers are built with just the basics, however they can be optioned in with some camper appliances   such as A/C, furnace and hot water heater.  Some may also have slide-outs and wet bath (toilet / shower combo). Whether or camping in the Adirondacks, the surrounding campgrounds around Plattsburgh, or in Vermont you’re sure to see a pop-up or two in the campground.

Pop-up Campers Basic Figures

o   Box Size: 8’ to 12’

o   Weight: 1500 to 4500 plus pounds

o   Sleeping Capacity: 1 to 8 people

Travel Trailer

Travel Trailer Campers

Travel Trailer campers are also known as pull-behinds, they are designed with a bumper pull hitch.  The travel trailer category is the most broad of them all and can be towed by Trucks, Crossovers, SUVs, Vans and even some motorcycles.  They will be found in a variety of floor plans, and can be lavishly equipped.  Some models come with patio doors and multiple slide-outs.  When camping in the North Country and Vermont campgrounds,  you will undoubtedly see more Travel Trailer Campers compared to any other category.

Travel Trailer Camper Basic Figures

o   Length: 10 to 45 plus feet

o   Weight 1500 to 15,000 plus pounds

o   Sleeping Capacity: 1 to 10 plus people

Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheel Campers

Fifth wheel Campers are also sometimes called Fivers.  Fifth Wheels are the largest type of Campers.  Two main reasons they are easily recognized are

1.       They are pulled by a truck or semi.  A fifth wheel hitch is attached in the bed of the vehicle

2.       The front overhang, or gooseneck as sometimes referred to.  This raised forward section sits over the bed of the truck when being towed

Fifth Wheels are popular because of the spacious interior, high ceilings and typically have multiple slide-outs.  Fifth wheels tend to be equipped with a higher level of luxury, more automated technology, and the number of appliances.  These features make the Fifth Wheel feel more like a house.  When you own a Fifth Wheel and need to make reservations in the campgrounds in the Adirondacks, Plattsburgh surrounding area and Vermont you may have to do some advanced planning depending on the size of your Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheel Camper Basic Figures

o   Length: 25 to 45 plus feet

o   Weight: 7500 + pounds

o   Sleeping Capacity: 1 -10 plus

Toy Hauler

Toy Hauler Campers

Toy Hauler Campers are a sub category of both the Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel camper.  As implied in the name Toy Hauler, they are used to transport motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, golf carts, kayaks and more.   The “toy” carrying area is referred to as the garage.  Depending on the “toy” being hauled will depend on the size of the garage you will need.   The larger Toy Hauler garage areas usually convert to sleeping quarters.  The can have zero to five slide-outs.  You will see these in larger numbers around outside of Plattsburgh, Vermont, and surrounding areas that have recreational trails.

Toy Hauler Camper Basic Figures

o   Length:  18 to 45 plus feet

o   Weight: 3500 to 20,000 plus pounds

o   Sleeping Capacity: 1 to 8 plus people

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